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We, Jan and Ria Verhagen, arrived in Bourg d’Oisans in 2004, a warm hearted village where straight away we were ‘at home’.We chose to open our restaurant ‘La Romanche’.
Today ‘La Romanche’ has become a major port of call for all of the surrounding valleys, appreciated and frequented by locals and numerous tourists from far and wide.
After having met clients from all different corners of the world who would enquire about where to stay; we decided in 2013 to launch our own accommodation project and to buy a chalet which in our opinion, was the most beautiful, the most spacious (the chalet is constructed on a property of about 8,000 m2) and perfectly situated in the whole valley.

We are convinced that the potential and endless possibilities  of  ‘Chalet Carpe Diem’ will appeal and delight you, with its oasis of tranquility, its ideal sunny location, its’ choice of different accommodations and its’ spacious garden.

Chalet Carpe Diem
Les Ecrins
le Pregentil